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Trick Shot on Kickstarter

Wolff Designa is launching new board game project Trick Shot on Kickstarter platform – May 7th 2019.

Ice Hockey game with miniatures! Trick Shot covers all the key aspects of your favorite sport. And most importantly, it stays streamlined and fun!
Use smart positioning, special abilities of your skaters and press your luck to outplay your opponent and score goals.
Let us describe core rules of Trick Shot. On their turn, player keeps activating skaters, as long as a turnover is triggered. However, after each activation, player adds dice to his dice pool. Rolling a “Reaction” result, let’s your opponent perform a short move with one of their skaters. While rolling a “Fail” ends your turn. In other words, it triggers turnover. In addition, double “Fail” results in a penalty and gets your skater off the ice. Also, it may cost you the control of the puck.
The game is played over three periods. Each period consists of 12 turns. Whoever scored the most goals at the end of the third period – wins.

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