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Trick Shot is a tense tactical board game of Ice Hockey.

Use smart positioning, special abilities of your skaters and press your luck to outplay your opponent and score the most goals.

On their turn, players are activating skaters, one skater at a time until they fail an activation, ending their turn.

The trick is that with each activation your roll one more dice, therefore increasing the likelihood of failing an action. In other words, you have to activate the right skaters at the right moment.

Use stamina tokens to mitigate luck by re-rolling your dice. However, stamina tokens are limited and need to be refreshed by making a line change, which ends your turn. Therefore, managing your stamina and pushing luck at the right moment is key.

The game is played over three periods. Each period consists of 10 turns. Whoever scored the most goals at the end of the third period - wins.