Guards of Atlantis


The core box of Guards of Atlantis. Includes 9 playable characters, a double-sided board and all that you need to play the game. 

The Guards of Atlantis is a competitive, team-based board game inspired by computer games of the MOBA genre (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Players are divided into two even teams. Each player controls a single Hero using a hand of five cards which are replaced and upgraded as the game progresses. During each turn, each player, simultaneously with other players, plays a single card and then, based on the card’s Initiative, gets to resolve a single action out of those available on the chosen card. Examples of actions include moving Heroes around the game board, using special abilities and attacking enemies which earns players gold needed to level up the characters. Each team’s goal is to help their Minions (non-Hero units, which are not directly controlled by the players) to reach the enemy’s base (called a “Throne”) and destroy it.

1 Rulebook
1 Double-sided game board
10 Player Mats
154 Cards
25 Plastic Miniatures
28 Colored Bases
76 Tokens

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