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Guards of Atlantis II on Kickstarter 04/28/2020

Long-awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed “zero luck” battle arena is coming to Kickstarter on 04/28/20 !

Guards of Atlantis: Tabletop MOBA is a competitive “zero-luck” team-based board game inspired by computer games of the MOBA genre.

In the game, each player controls a single hero and uses a hand of cards to move that hero around the game board, employ special abilities, and attack enemies. Defeating enemy minions earns you coins, which are used to buy levels and upgrade your hero. Your goal is to help your “minions” — units that are not directly controlled by the players — reach the enemy base and capture it.

Guards of Atlantis II is a complete overhaul of the original game with 22 new heroes, new game board and much more. In addition to new content, Guards of Atlantis II streamlines the rules of the original, making it faster and tighter.

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