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Guards of Atlantis II ALL-IN

Guards of Atlantis II ALL-IN


  • MOBA experience on your table top!
  • Full PLAYER AGENCY. Nothing is left to chance. No dice to roll. No decks to shuffle.
  • TEAM VS TEAM. Everything depends on how well you can coordinate with your team-mates. 
  • Large player count support. 4 TO 10 PLAYERS!
  • EPIC memorable plays and last moment come-backs. The stakes rise as the game progresses, making sure everyone is ENGAGED until the end.
  • EASY TO LEARN but hard to master! 

*ALL-IN Includes 22 Heroes and all Tome of Mastery content.

Please note that we only ship Guards of Atlantis II to the addresses in the US and Canada. 
If you are based outside of the US/Canada there are two potential options:
● You can use a parcel-forwarding service with a US-based address.
● You can join the next crowdfunding campaign for Guards of Atlantis II.