Guards of Atlantis II is a sequel to Guards of Atlantis: tabletop MOBA. It improves on every aspect of the original game. Here is the list of the key differences for those who are familiar with Guards of Atlantis: tabletop MOBA.

HEROES. The core set of Guards of Atlantis II includes the same number of regular Heroes as the original. The familiar faces are in the game, but have been completely re-worked. Wasp the Envoy from the original is a completely different hero from Wasp the Warmaiden in Guards II. The miniature sculpt is also new.
The Hero packs add a lot more CONTENT. With all 3 Hero packs included, there are 22 heroes to choose from.

HERO DEATH was REWORKED completely. It is more impactful — you are now able to win not only by pushing, but also by defeating enemy heroes and depleting their respawn token pool.
This adds another layer of strategy to the game as some hero builds will be more suited for a Hero VS Hero combat, while others will be better at pushing the lane.
At the same time DEATH IS much LESS PUNISHING. The defeated hero respawns on the next turn and is back in action almost instantly.

HOLD CARDS are gone an replaced by a “Silver” card which is another basic card, just like the Gold card was. This add even more flavor and depth to the characters.

CARD VALUES re-balanced to put more emphasis on the item choices. A slower Hero who is stacking initiative items will be able to out-pace a faster hero if they maintain the advantage in the initiative items.

LANE PUSHES are more dynamic since the side that lost the minion combat (called minion battle in Guards II) removes the difference in remaining minions, not just one. This speeds up the push if one side gains an overwhelming advantage.

THE BOARD is completely new. It is physically larger, with bigger hexes, to support new larger scale hero minis.
The pre-throne zones have 1 more defending minion spawn point, to make the early throne push win slightly more difficult and positioning mistakes slightly less punishing.

GAME IS SHORTER and the game length is more predictable. You can play a quick game, or a full game. A quick game can go up to the maximum of 3 pushes and the long game can go the maximum of 5.

LEVELING UP is cheaper and faster. Some catching-up mechanisms were added, such as assist coins when your ally defeats an enemy hero and a bonus coin if you skip a level-up.

BETTER COMPONENTS: new sculpts, bigger board. HERO DASHBOARDS were reworked and are now hero-specific. They also show the Hero’s stat line, helping players to figure out the approximate values the opposing heroes may have. Plus what you choose to unlock during the campaign.

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